Pickup Truck Block Contest
Calling all pickup truck lovers!  Sew Always is sponsoring a pickup truck block contest that will benefit local charities.  All blocks entered will be sewn into quilts and donated to our local CASA.  Some of the entered blocks are shown.  Use any colors, any truck view, any construction technique as long as it's washable.

Join a group on Friday, January 26 in the shop's classroom as we all work on our trucks together.

Voting for favorite blocks will be done by dropping money (1 cent = 1 vote) into voting jars.  Cash collected will be given to another local group yet to be named.

Voting ends Saturday, March 3.  Vote early and often!  The winner will receive a $30 gift certificate to Sew Always along with our thanks for helping.  Read all the rules below.

Pickup Truck Block – Must be 10 ½” tall x 16 ½” wide raw-edged size.  Any truck "pose" is fine.

Technique – Any technique is fine as long as the edges will stand up to repeated washing.  Feel free to embellish your truck as much as you wish as long as it’s washable.

Entered Blocks – After the contest all blocks entered will be sewn into quilts and donated to CASA.

Voting Begins – Voting begins as soon as the first entry arrives at the shop, so early entries are encouraged.  The earlier your entry, the greater number of votes your truck can get!

Who Votes – Any customer who walks into the store

Multiple Entries – Enter as many blocks as you wish.

Voting Ends – Saturday, March 3 – Vote early and often!

Prize – Winning block’s maker will receive a $30 quilt shop gift card.

How to Vote – Each block will be given a number.  Drop your penny vote into the correspondingly numbered container.  The winner will be the block that raises the most money.

Multiple Votes – Yes, you can vote more than once.  Yes, you can vote with more than 1¢. If you wish to show major support for a block, vote with folding money!  One dollar = 100 votes.

Where the Voting Money Goes – Voting money raised will be given to a local charity.

How to Begin – Truck line drawings that can easily be turned into patterns can be found by typing “pickup truck line drawing” into the search window of any browser.  Choose one, print it, decide how large the truck needs to be to fit on the fabric background, and enlarge the drawing to that size.  An easier way is to find friends to share the cost of Amy Bradley’s truck quilt pattern available at Sew Always.  There are 11 different trucks with full-sized patterns to choose from.